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Updated: May 11, 2023

Stella's, located in Charleston, South Carolina, is a fun upbeat restaurant serving delicious mediterranean cuisine. Sitting on the corner of St Philip Street and Warren Street, this off the beaten trail, hidden gem is the perfect location for a fun girls night out, cozy date night, or get together with friends! Although the restaurant is a few blocks from King Street, Stella's is extremely popular and always busy.

Upon walking into Stella's your eyes are drawn to the gorgeous bar in the center of the restaurant. The bar has two seating sections, which allows spacious seating so you do not feel like you are dining on top of your neighbor. Additionally Stella's has indoor seating and an adorable outdoor patio with twinkle lights, chic umbrellas, and a plethora of plants and flowers. When dining at Stella's, I prefer an outdoor table.

Stella's has an extensive meze, dinner, and cocktail menu. From the meze menu, I enjoy the hummus and tabouli as well as the mushroom saganaki which comes to the table on fire. For dinner, I order the classic greek salad which is very filling; all the dinner entrees are served in large portions. I enjoy the Santorini cocktail that consists of vodka, simple syrup, fresh blueberries, lemon, ginger, and pomegranate. Regardless of what you order one cannot go wrong as everything is simply scrumptious!

Next time you are in Charleston, South Carolina, stop by Stella's for an amazing meal!

Happy Feasting!



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