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Sel Rrose

Updated: May 11, 2023

Sel Rrose, located in Montauk, New York, is a fun, upbeat, and hip location for dinner and Sunday Brunch. Sel Rrose is beautifully designed from its white grand piano and pink disco ball in the dining room to its fabulous seating options, and murals on the wall. Sel Rrose's delicious food is plated just as fun as the restaurant.

When entering the restaurant, the door's archway is exquisitely decorated with flowers. Once you walk under the flowers and into the restaurant, your eyes are drawn to the large chic bar with gorgeous light fixtures. The bar is a fun place to eat and drink if you can not get a reservation and where you can choose from a selection of phenomenal cocktails. I recommend the Sel Rrose Spritz, Purple Rain and Fig 75.

When dining at Sel Rrose I like to sit in the main dining room, where the white grand piano and pink disco ball are situated, and absorb the cheerful and energetic ambience. It is the perfect place for a family dinner, night out with friends, or date night. Sel Rrose has friendly, knowledgable, and upbeat staff. For appetizers, I recommend the crudités plate and asparagus which is pictured above. For dinner, Sel Rrose has great fish options and a delicious burger with a secret sauce and fries.

Sel Rrose is open for dinner nightly except for Tuesdays. Sunday brunch is from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. I highly recommend dining at Sel Rrose to experience the fun and uplifting atmosphere as well as the delicious food and drinks! Sel Rrose is a popular dining location, so remember to make a reservation!

Happy Feasting!



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