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Sea House Restaurant

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Sea House Restaurant, located in Napili, Maui, has a phenomenal waterfront view of Napili Bay. While dining, take in the gorgeous water views, beach landscape, palm trees, and more. Please note, make a reservation in advance of going.

Sea House Restaurant has a gorgeous bar that overlooks the water and makes you feel like you are drinking on the beach. Directly behind the bar, there are a few tables and high-tops for dining. All tables behind the bar have a great view of the water. Located adjacent to the bar is an outdoor patio. The sun is incredibly strong over the patio seating so remember to bring a fun hat and sunglasses. This restaurant is also a fabulous location to enjoy dinner and a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

I highly recommend the Sea House Restaurant for happy hour. Both the drinks and food are delicious. The happy hour food is served tapas style. I order the caesar salad and hurricane fries with a Rum Heaven Cocktail. The tasty food and drinks, combined with an amazing ocean view makes for a great meal in paradise for your Maui vacation.

Happy Feasting!




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