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Preparing for a Long Flight

Updated: May 11, 2023

Travel Days can be stressful, especially with long flights. I begin preparing for flights a few days in advance. I grocery shop, make food, pack my carry on bag and suitcase, as well as download podcasts, books, tv shows, and music to ensure that travel day is as enjoyable as possible.

Traveling requires a lot of energy. Getting a good night sleep the days leading up to travel will help keep you alert. The morning of the trip, I drink lemon water and eat a hearty breakfast and an orange for plenty of vitamin C. I also take my vitamins and supplements so I stay healthy for the duration of my travels. A sustainable healthy meal before you set off on your travels will help immensely.

Food is fuel. Airports do not always have the healthiest or most delicious food options, so I always pack my own snack bag with homemade goodies and store brought items. I have my go-to list of homemade recipes for travel day. My favorite recipe is Medical Medium's Wild Blueberry Pancakes. I also bring apple slices, grapes, Three Wishes Cereal, Organic Dates, Nairn's Oat Grahams, and Made Good Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars.

A carefully curated carry-on is crucial. I pack activities, devices, toiletries, items for sleep, and designer items and jewelry. In my activities section, I pack a magazine, coloring book, and colored pencils. In the devices section, I have my laptop, headphones, and phone. I keep all designer, nice clothing, and jewelry in my carry-on should the airline lose my luggage. I pack a bag of toiletries and items for sleep which includes fuzzy socks which keep me warm and cozy as well as an eye cover. On the top of my bag, I bring a jacket which is often doubles as a pillow.

Preparing your devices before the flight is essential. I always check to see if the plane has wifi. Whether or not the plane has wifi, I download a podcast episode or two, an Audible book, a season of a television show, and a few Spotify playlists. Having your devices ready will help the time fly (pun intended), and keep you entertained if the plane does not have any good television shows or movies. Remember to always charge your devices the night before your trip!

The morning of the flight I workout and move my body before sitting for hours on the plane. Even if I only workout for twenty minutes on travel day, I will be more relaxed and less antsy during the flight. Remember to stay well hydrated during your travels.

Happy Traveling!



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