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Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting The Montauk Lighthouse

Updated: May 11, 2023

The Montauk Lighthouse is a fun, historic landmark to visit in The Hamptons. Take in the gorgeous sites of Block Island, Rhode Island, the State of Connecticut, the Atlantic Ocean as well as the shorelines and cliffs of Long Island, New York. The gorgeous lighthouse was commissioned by President George Washington in 1792 and was the first lighthouse to be built in New York.

On the drive down to the lighthouse you will pass Camp Hero State Park. I highly recommend stopping at the park as you can hike to the cliff walk. The cliff walk has a gorgeous view of Montauk Point and the Lighthouse. This area is a beautiful location to take pictures of the scenic view as well as a photo with the lighthouse behind you.

After exploring Camp Hero State Park continue down the windy drive to the Montauk Lighthouse. Once you arrive at the lighthouse tour the grounds and museum inside the lighthouse. The lighthouse employees are eager to share their wealth of knowledge. Feel free to ask them all of your questions! You will certainly leave with a piece of history and a lot of new information.

If you are hungry after strolling the Montauk Lighthouse grounds, grab a bite to eat at the Lighthouse Grill. The Lighthouse Grill is on the Montauk Lighthouse property and is located within walking distance of the lighthouse.

The Montauk Lighthouse is a great family, date, or friends outing! It is a fabulous place to spend the day in nature, hiking the cliff walk, and admiring the gorgeous lighthouse vantage points. The Montauk Lighthouse can be windy so remember to hang onto your hat!

Happy Adventuring!



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