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Moku Roots

Updated: May 11, 2023

Moku Roots, located in Lahaina, Maui, is a vegan, farm-to-table, zero waste restaurant. In addition to Moku Roots preparing delicious food, they also host exciting events. These events include a weekly farmer's market, live music, game nights, themed holiday meals, and more!

Moku Roots has a phenomenal healthy menu. I recommend the Loco Moku dish which consists of pineapple and vegetable fried rice served in half a pineapple topped with a taro patty and avocado. I also enjoy the Coconut Noodle Bowl. To pair with the dish, I suggest the "If You Like Vegan Coladas..." cocktail. This is the best Pina Colada I have ever had.

If you are planning to take your meal to-go, remember to bring a reusable container. If you do not have a reusable container, Moku Roots will charge you ten dollars for a reusable tin. Upon returning the tin, you will receive your money back. Moku Roots also uses Ti Leaves, at no charge to the customer, to wrap handheld sandwiches and taro patties. Before leaving, I always purchase a set of four frozen taro patties. The taro patties are a delicious and filling as well as an easy option to throw on the grill for a meal during the week.

I highly recommend stopping by Moku Roots! Follow along with this outstanding vegan restaurant on their social media to be alerted to their yummy meal specials (like the Taritos which are taro chips seasoned like Doritos, Cranberry Cheesecake, and more!).

Happy Feasting!



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