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Lake George, New York Travel Guide

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Lake George, New York is the perfect location for a stellar summer family vacation. Lake George is filled with fun activities like boating, kayaking, making s'mores, swimming, tennis, fishing, horseback riding, waterskiing and more! Lake George has phenomenal scenic views which is the perfect backdrop when drinking your morning coffee or enjoying your happy hour cocktail. In the evenings watch the sky illuminate with gorgeous colors as the sun sets over the lake. I highly recommend a trip to Lake George to unwind, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

When I travel to Lake George I stay at The Sagamore Resort. The Sagamore Resort has multiple restaurants and activities on property. This family fun resort is a welcoming place to vacation year after year. The Sagamore has a beautiful pool that over looks the lake. When staying at The Sagamore I highly advise staying in a suite as the rooms are much brighter and larger.

The Sagamore At Lake George has numerous delicious restaurants. Below are my favorites!

La Bella Vita - serves great Italian food and has both indoor and outdoor seating. I highly recommend dining at La Bella Vita for dinner to watch the sunset from a perched view. La Bella Vita is an upscale dining location.

Mr. Brown's Pub - located on the lower level of The Sagamore, it is decorated to elevate the great Adirondack outdoor feel inside the restaurant. When walking into Mr. Brown's Pub, you are greeted by a wooden bear and antler chandeliers. Mr. Brown's Pub is a great and cozy spot for dinner and drinks!

The LakeHouse - is an upbeat and lively location to enjoy lunch as the restaurant sits lakeside. While eating your meal, watch the water traffic of various boats and kayakers. The LakeHouse has an extensive drink menu and great salad options.

The Pavilion - is a gorgeous location for lunch or dinner and it overlooks the lake. This restaurant is a great place to unwind and take in the scenic views. The Pavilion has a multitude of salad options which are all scrumptious.

Veranda Terraces - is a casual dining location on the porch of The Sagamore. I love dining at the Veranda Terrace to have a bite to eat with a glass of wine while watching the sunset after being on the lake all day.

Lake George is filled with outdoor adventures and things to do! Below is a list of the best things to do in Lake George, New York.

Boating - Rent a boat and explore the thirty-two miles of Lake George! Bonus points if you bring along a towable tube!

Fishing - Bring your fishing rod and head out to the lake to see what you catch!

Horseback Riding - Explore the beautiful Adirondack nature trails while on horseback.

Kayaking - Enjoy and tour Lake George by Kayak. This is a fun morning activity before the heat of the day.

Making s'mores - There is nothing better than a campfire and s'mores at the end of a lake day. Break out the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for your evening sweet treat. To add to the campfire ambiance, The Sagamore has live music by the bonfire. It is a blast to sing throwback songs while roasting marshmallows!

Paddle Boarding - Wake up and hit the lake via paddle board. I recommend paddle boarding in the morning before the lake gets crowded and the waves from the boats' wakes. Paddle Boarding is a fun way to get your exercise in without noticing!

Swimming - Jump into Lake George and swim around or bring your inner tube and relax while taking in the sun's rays! Fun Fact: Lake George is one of the cleanest lakes in the world. The warmest time of day to swim is around 2:00 PM!

Tennis - Grab your fun tennis outfit, rackets and water bottle and hit the tennis courts with your family or play doubles and meet new friends! This activity is great for family bonding.

Try the local wineries & breweries - The Adirondacks is filled with wineries and breweries. Trying new wines and beers is the perfect activity for a rainy day.

Waterskiing - Test your athletic skills while waterskiing! This activity is a fun and memorable experience as well as a great workout!

I highly recommend traveling to Lake George for a long weekend or week in the woods! You will have a blast exploring nature, spending time in the lake by day and campfire by night. The Sagamore Resort will make you feel like you are at girl/boy scout camp all over again!

Happy Travels!

XOXO, Katy


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