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How To Experience A Slice of Europe in Connecticut

Are you looking for one of the coolest places to visit in the Great State of Connecticut? Look no further than Saville Dam. Saville Dam is located in Barkhamsted, Connecticut and is the primary water source for Hartford. This iconic and picturesque location is the perfect place to visit on a New England road trip for fun photography and a fantastic view of nature.

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When traveling to Saville Dam with all of its pristine surrounding nature, you would not expect for it to be located on a busy road. Saville Dam has a parking lot which is walking distance to the castle-like structure.

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Saville Dam is a beautiful place to visit anytime of the year with any kind of weather; rain, snow or sun, it's still fun! If I had to choose a time to visit, I would schedule my trip for the fall as the trees in the forest will be in full foliage.

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If you have time to stay and explore Saville Dam, bring a picnic basket and blanket and spend the day outside. After your picnic overlooking the river, take a walk or hike to explore the many waterfalls and streams on the outskirts of the river.

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