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Airplane Carry-On Essentials

Updated: May 11, 2023

For a successful flight, the perfectly packed carry-on is essential, especially for long-haul flights. Having a carefully packed carry-on will reduce stress and ensure you have everything you need. For my travel bag, I use the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM tote which is spacious enough to hold all of my carry-on goodies.

The first items to pack in your carry-on are the electronics. Remember to fully charge your devices the night before your flight.

  1. Laptop

  2. Laptop Charger

  3. Cell Phone Charger

  4. Cell Phone Portable Charger

  5. Headphones

Traveling requires energy. Make sure to pack snacks for your flight! Airport food is not the healthiest or best tasting food. In your snack section, I recommend you bring:

  1. A reusable water bottle

  2. Oatmeal (Ask Starbucks for hot water to make the oatmeal)

  3. Apples, grapes, and clementines

  4. Homemade Goodies

  5. Gum to help your ears equalize during taking off and landing

For the clothing section of your carry-on, remember to pack:

  1. A jacket (which can double as a pillow or blanket)

  2. A sweatshirt

  3. Fuzzy Socks

  4. An extra set of clothes (you never know when your luggage will go missing)

  5. Any designer clothes or accessories for safekeeping.

For your toiletries section, I suggest you bring:

  1. A toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size mouthwash, hairbrush, and make-up

  2. Holistic Travel Kit

  3. An eye mask to sleep

In-flight entertainment will help pass time. Fun options include:

  1. Magazines

  2. A book

  3. An adult coloring book and colored pencils

  4. Cards

  5. A pen and writing pad

This carefully curated carry-on will ease your travel day, keep you hydrated, well-feed, and entertained as well as prepared if your luggage is lost.

Happy Travels!



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