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24 Hours in Boston Travel Guide

Updated: May 11, 2023

Pack a bag and spend a fun-filled 24-hours in Boston, Massachusetts. Start your day with touring the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum. The tour begins with an interactive town hall meeting by the museum's incredible actors who bring the tea party history lesson to life. After the town hall meeting, the tour group heads to the ship to throw the tea over the ship's edge. Visitors of all ages have a blast throwing the tea off the ship! Also enjoy the 3D videos, other interactive group activities, and movies. Afterwards, have a cup of tea and pastry at Abigail's Tea Room.

Having worked up an appetite, head to Parish Café for a glass of wine and lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the hummus platter and apple crunch salad. For a post-lunch stroll, walk a block and explore Boston Public Gardens. The Boston Public Gardens is a gorgeous location to take in the great views of the lagoon, bridge, nature, and the city skyline.

For dinner, I highly recommend Yvonne's. Both the cocktails and food are something to write home about. Yvonne's has a phenomenal, trendy environment with stellar artwork, wallpaper, furniture, light fixtures, and more! Remember to make a reservation in advance of your trip. I will definitely be returning to Yvonne's the next time I am in Boston.

Safe travels!

XOXO, Katy

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