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The Staycation: Stay At Home Guide

Updated: May 11, 2023

In need of some R&R, but you don't want to travel? Take a staycation at your home to relax, unwind, and dive into your passion projects. A three-day staycation can help you reset and realign yourself. After your staycation, you will feel rejuvenated and reenergized to get back to the day-to-day hustle.

The Night Before The Staycation:

The night before your staycation, plan what meals you want to cook, grocery shop, and deep clean your house. During your staycation, enjoy making meals from scratch and trying new healthy recipes. Once you decide what meals you want to make, prepare your store list and go grocery shopping to get all the necessary ingredients. When you return and put away the groceries, begin the deep clean. Swiffer and vacuum the floors, dust, wipe down the countertops, load and unload your dishwasher, and wash your sheets and other laundry. Accomplishing all of these tasks will feel great when you wake-up the next morning! Before going to sleep, remember to turn off any morning alarms.

Staycation - Day One:

The goal for the first day of your staycation is to unwind and initiate good healthy habits. Begin your morning by stretching, making lemon water, a hearty breakfast, and taking time to sit and enjoy your breakfast. After the meal, workout, shower then make a healthy lunch. Once you are finished with lunch, read and pick a hobby to complete. Your hobby can be anything from painting, sketching, knitting, baking to scrapbooking. This is a great time to focus on your activity and forget your phone. For dinner make a recipe that you normally would not cook. During dinner, watch a fun movie. Following the movie, grab a glass of tea or wine and unwind in a warm lavender epsom salt bath.

Staycation - Day Two:

Sleep in. Once you wake up, leisurely make breakfast. After you eat your morning meal, workout, shower, and spend the day in your robe. Read a book, watch a TV show or movie. Later in the afternoon, put on your walking shoes and explore a new trail while listening to your favorite podcast. When you get home from your walk, order in dinner! Enjoy your food with a movie and a glass of wine. After dinner, take a relaxing bath with essential oils or a bath bomb. End your night reading before going to bed.

Staycation - Day Three:

On day three of your staycation, you will feel more well-rested and recharged. When you wake up, stretch and meditate. While you are meditating think about your new healthy habits and reflect on what aspects of your staycation you want to bring into your daily life. After your meditation, make a delicious breakfast. Savor every moment of your relaxed breakfast. Once breakfast is cleaned up, continue your hobby from day one of your staycation. When you are hungry, find a fun hidden gem restaurant for lunch. After lunch, take a walk and listen to an audiobook or podcast. When you are back from your walk, take a nap as this is your final day to rest. Once you wake up, make a healthy delicious dinner and think back on your great staycation days and how peaceful you feel.

Although you may not be ready, remember to set your alarm clock to get back into the swing of things! Until then happy resting!



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