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How To Decorate Your Easter Bar Cart

Spring has officially sprung! Decorate your bar cart with bright colors to bring Spring's cheery ambiance to your home. I used simple Easter decor to bring this wonderful time of year to life. The range of small to large items displayed on the bar cart as well as the vibrant colors on each shelf keeps your eyes engaged.

Let's get decorating!

To begin decorating your bar cart, lay out all of the items to visualize how you would like to place each item.

I recommend working your way from the top of the bar cart to the bottom of the bar cart. The top of the bar cart always catches your eye first, so remember to use colorful items as well as decorate with varying heights.

Vases are the perfect accent pieces to display on your bar cart. When you add flowers, you can change the aesthetic.

Simple and classy decor pieces add a nice touch of Easter without overdoing it!

Adding themed Easter dish towels is a cute way to bring the bar cart together.

Lastly, I added precious hand painted wooden eggs to the ice bin. This is a cute touch!

Happy Decorating!




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