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Easter Entertaining: How To Host An Easter Wine Tasting

Are you hosting friends and/or family for Easter? Plan a fun wine tasting for your guests the night before the celebrations! This fun activity is a great way to catch up with one another, laugh, make memories, enjoy a laid back evening and find a new favorite wine.

How To Host an Easter Wine Tasting. Easter Tablescape with pastel flowers, floral arrangements, wooden eggs and Easter decor and trinkets.

If you love arts and crafts and DIY projects, this is your moment to shine. If not, no need to fear as you can make this as simple as you please.

How to create an Eater Tablescape for a Easter Wine Tasting. Wine bottles from Duck Walk Vineyards and Wolffer Estate Vineyard. The decor used for the tablescape include wooden easter eggs, crystal bunnies, small Easter trinkets. small and large candles and fun candle holders.

Creating The Perfect Easter Wine Tasting Tablescape

The first step to constructing your Easter Wine Tasting table is to gather your Easter decorations and place mats, wine tasting glasses, wine tasting sheets, pens, fancy water glasses and water pitcher, silverware, Easter hosting dishes, plates and napkins. Also, pick-up fresh flowers and four wine bottles from the store. (If you are hosting a larger or smaller crowd adjust the bottles of wine accordingly!)

PRO TIP: Print your wine tasting card on card stock paper. This will make your wine tasting card look and feel much nicer.

Next up on the to do list: Make covers for the wine bottles. Gather your four wine bottles and a few brown paper bags from the grocery store. Cut the brown paper bags and use the side where the grocery store logo is not present to wrap the wine bottle labels. After the bottles are wrapped, write #1, #2, #3 and #4 on the bottles with a black sharpie. If you are an artist, feel free to draw fun Easter bunnies or a spring bouquet!

Creating your Easter Tablescape. Wine, Spring Florals and Easter Decor.

Setting Up The Easter Wine Tasting Tablescape

When setting up your dining room table for the Easter Wine Tasting, start by evenly placing the flowers on the table: center, right and left. For the flowers, choose different plants or floral arrangements in various colors. Your guests will love the pop of color and keep their eyes engaged with the tablescape. Then place the covered wine bottles on the table - two bottles between each set of flowers. After all of the main centerpieces are on the table, add fun wooden eggs. These accent pieces are the perfect way to elevate the tablescape. In addition to the wooden eggs, add small and large candles as well as other small Easter trinkets.

Once the center of the table is complete, it is time to set up everyone's table setting. Start with placing an Easter placemat in front of each guest's seat. Next, take the printed wine tasting cards and pens, laying one of each on top of each placemat. Thereafter, place a water glass and four wine tasting glasses at each table setting. Please note, if you are tasting more or less than four wines, lay out the corresponding number of wines to glasses. At the end of your table place a filled water pitcher for guests to help themselves throughout the evening. Now your table is set to host your Easter festivities!

Wine bottles for the Easter Wine Tasting from Duck Walk Vineyard and Wolffer Estate Vineyards. Also shown is the beautiful Easter Tablescape with wine tasting glass, water glasses, water pitcher, easter trinkets and decor, wine tasting cards and flowers.

Wine Tasting: Wine #1 & #2

When choosing the first two wines, I recommending beginning with white wines than transitioning to red and dessert wines. We enjoyed Duck Walk Vineyards South Hampton White as well as a Sauvignon Blanc.

Easter Wine Tasting wines from Wolffer Estate and Duck Walk Vineyards. In the background is the cute, stylish and easy Easter Tablescape with flowers, Easter eggs, bunnies, Easter trinkets and decor, candles, wine tasting glasses and a water pitcher.

Wine Tasting: Wine #3 & #4

For wine three, we sampled Wolffer Estate Vineyards Christian's Cuvee Merlot 2019. The fourth wine was the Aphrodite dessert wine from Duck Walk Vineyard which was a crowd favorite!

Cute, Simple and Easy Easter Tablescape with florals, wooden eggs and bunnies. An elegant dining room Easter tablescape.

Final Table Decorating & Wine Tasting Thoughts

When hosting your Easter Wine Tasting it is important to remember that elevating your event and making it memorable is all in the details. All of the small Easter and spring decor items on your table and in your dining room will bring the event together. The wine tasting cards allow an opportunity for your guests to rate each wine by aroma, taste, body, color and overall rating and is a great added touch that they will remember and often times they take home their card for the memory!

Easter Food Bar with an Easter salad and Easter side dishes which includes a salad, sweet potato fries, chips and guac and carrot hummus with celery, carrots and pretzel chips for dipping. For Easter dessert there is buckwheat chocolate chip muffins. For easter decor on the snack / food bar I have pink candles with a base candle holder, spring flower arrangements, light up Easter trees, Easter eggs and bunnies..

Easter Wine Tasting Snack Bar

Did you think the fun stopped at the tablescape? Once the wine begins flowing, remember to have a handful of snacks and sweet treats for guest to help themselves. To decorate the Easter Snack Bar I placed pink candles with white candle holders, Easter trees, flowers and other Easter trinkets to decorate the space. I also had plates, napkins and silverware available for each guest.

Easter food, side dishes and desserts in cute Easter dishes. Delicious Easter food!

Easter Salad and Themed Side Dishes

For food I recommend making a spring salad with leafy greens, sprouts, mint, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, orange bell pepper, purple cabbage and celery. To accompany the salad, I made a mint dressing which received high praises.

For side dishes the guests enjoyed sweet potato fries, chips and homemade guacamole, homemade carrot hummus with celery, carrots and pretzel chips for dipping!

Easter dessert is Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Muffins. In the background. there is a light up Easter Tree, Easter decor and candle.


A snack bar is never complete without dessert! For dessert you can make fun cupcakes, Easter themed cookies, cakes and more! I made buckwheat chocolate chip muffins which were a hit!

How to decorate your table for Easter. Cute. simple and fun Easter Tablescape. Easter tablescape with candles, multiple floral arrangements, Easter eggs, rabbits, decor and trinkets, wine, Easter Placemats, chandelier, water glasses, Waterford water pitcher.

Enjoy The Evening With Your Guests

Once your hard work is complete, enjoy the fruits of your labor - grapes that turn into wine included! Your guests will be ready for you to host this fun special Easter Wine Tasting year after year!

Happy Easter!




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